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Nutritionist Pascal Nourtier recommends the ÖKO gourd

Today, several thousand people use the ÖKO water bottle on a daily basis. Won over by its filtering system and the ability to drink pure water, more and more professionals are turning their attention to our product.

This is the case of Paris-based nutritionist Pascal Nourtier.

  • Who is he?
  • What does he do?
  • What is his opinion of ÖKO?

Discover his expert opinion on the ÖKO filtering water bottle.

Presentation by Pascal Nourtier

nutritionniste parisien pascal nourtier

Nutritionist since 2005, this professional has always been very attracted to cooking and the effect it has on our bodies. So, in 2006, while working as a private practitioner in Brittany, he specialized mainly in weight loss, a subject of growing concern at the time.

In 2011 he returned to Paris where he still practices in the 8 th arrondissement as a consultant. Still dedicated to weight loss, the latter also specializes in pediatrics in order to be able to prevent all possible risks from an early age.

With the desire to provide the best solutions to improve the health of his patients, he continually seeks solutions to offer the most possibilities.

What does a nutritionist do on a daily basis?

While his consulting room welcomes many patients seeking a healthier diet for their bodies, Pascal Nourtier regularly intervenes in outside structures to raise awareness of malnutrition.

It can also be found in training courses for chefs, in numerous conferences by dieticians and nutritionists, as well as speaking at high schools. You may have read about it in "Terre de Chefs" magazine.

The nutritionist is present wherever he can to contribute his knowledge for the good of the public's health. He trains regularly and looks every day for new solutions to preserve the good nutrition of these many patients. That's how he came across ÖKO.

What does Pascal Nourtier think of the ÖKO gourd?

With a view to finding solutions to improve the nutrition of the people who come to him for consultation, Pascal Nourtier decided to test the ÖKO gourd.

So, for several weeks the nutritionist used the gourd. It's easy to see that the gourd's filtration is beyond reproach. Retaining particles, bacteria and viruses, water passing through the 0.1 micron filter emerges perfectly potable whatever its origin.

Convinced by its filter, he also succumbed to its impressive lifespan of 400 liters. The feedback is extremely positive and you can find out on his website.

Conclusion by the Parisian nutritionist

avis gourde oko pascal nourtier

With his positive review, would Pascal Nourtier recommend our gourd to his patients?

The answer is yes! ÖKO is a safe and easy solution to access drinking water, wherever you are. By removing impurities from your water, our product makes pure water consumption effortless.

So he recommends that any of his patients use the ÖKO water bottle to ensure healthy drinking on a daily basis and do away with plastic bottles.

We thank Pascal Nourtier for this feedback. So you know you can drink healthy water thanks to our filtering water bottle. And if you're looking for better nutrition and advice from a professional, don't hesitate to contact nutritionist Pascal Nourtier!