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Survival: ÖKO Filter Bottle, the practical accessory

Why filter your water in a survival situation?

It's hard to imagine what you might face in a desperate situation. The human body is capable of many feats, but it cannot survive more than 3 days without water and in some cases, drinking water is a real luxury.

Several techniques meet this challenge, and above all they make it possible to:

  • be able to consume dehydrated food rations without risk
  • .
  • avoid diseases transmitted by water unfit for consumption
  • guarantee hydrationhealthy to stay alive and in optimal shape

When survival is at stake, water is man's best ally.

What's the best filtering gourd for survivalism?

The priority in a survival situation is to stay healthy. Good hydration is therefore essential, and cannot be achieved without drinking water.

That's what the ÖKO filter flask makes possible, drinking water without bad taste, better filtered than most tactical accessories, and in a matter of seconds.

Specifics of the ÖKO flask:

  • the purifier developed by NASA filters impurities down to 2 microns (compared to 30 microns competitors)
  • the "pore size-nanotechnology" combination allows more water to be filtered faster thanks to pressure

The water bottle with filter ÖKO is indispensable in emergencies.

How to use the ÖKO gourd for survival

We necessarily want to avoid being confronted with a scenario that would force us to doubt the water available.

In extreme cases though, you have to deal with it, otherwise the risks are:

  • fatigue
  • dehydration
  • muscular weakness
  • less resistance to viruses
  • etc

To minimize risks, the ÖKO filter gourd fills quickly and is used by simply exerting light pressure to push water through its filter.

Thus, it can be filled with water from :

  • taps
  • fountains
  • rivers
  • lacs
  • flakes

OKO's filtering jugs are perfect for taking the worry out of drinking water supplies.

This is the only accessory you'll need for survival water filtration!