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Tap: ÖKO Filter Bottle, a money-saver

Why filter tap water?

Studies have been proving for years that the tap water is polluted by:

  • microplastics
  • particles of heavy metals (lead sinkers...)
  • and other worrying substances (drug residues, pesticides...).
Note: This is also the case for bottled water.

Thankfully, paying attention to water quality is already commonplace with filtering water carafes sold in supermarkets.

In some regions, tap water, despite being "drinkable", has a nauseating smell and its taste reflects the abundance of
chemical treatments it has undergone to become "clean" for consumption.

This leaves us with water that is unpleasant to drink and loaded with various impurities.

What is the best filtering water bottle for everyday use?

Filtration is necessary to clean dubious water whose qualities have been altered.

carafes have been around for years, however, with the help of marketing, they force filters to be replaced too often and, above all, prematurely. It's a juicy business for them...

The ÖKO filter gourd is far more durable with effective filters for 400L, but also:

  • its neutralization of bad taste (and smell)
  • its application which alerts to REAL filter wear
  • its instant filtering (no flow required)
  • its 99.99% guaranteed protection against contaminants

This flask is perfect for any household that wants to filter tap water.

How to use an ÖKO water bottle for tap water

Using an ÖKO water bottle to filter your tap water is very simple. You need:

  • unscrew the cap from the water bottle
  • fill the container with tap water
  • screw the cap on without tightening too much

Then, depending on whether you want to drink directly "from the bottle" or pour some of its contents into another container (glass, carafe, bowl...), simply:

  • open the cap
  • invert the gourd
  • press on it
  • and see the water flowing!

The ÖKO filter flask is the everyday companion for making sure you drink clean, healthy water.