Randonnée : Gourde Filtrante ÖKO, l'allié indispensable - ÖKO EUROPE

Hiking: ÖKO water bottle filter, the essential ally

Why filter your water when hiking?

An athlete needs up to 3 liters of water per hour* to compensate for his loss (multiplied by duration). Carrying that much water on a hike is impossible.

Unless we can ensure that the water points on the circuit are fit for consumption,
water filtering is therefore the only solution to guarantee safe drinking water.

Filtering water allows :

  • carry fewer bottles = less weight and plastic in the bag
  • reduce exposure to bacteria = less risk of stomach upsets
  • reduce risk of water deficiency = less dehydration and fatigue

* Data from the Research Institute of Wellness, Medicine and Sport-Health (IRBMS)

What is the best filtering water bottle for hikers?

To filter water while hiking from anywhere, there is only need for a reliable, lightweight, sturdy and easy-to-use filtering water bottle.

The filtering gourd ÖKO offers this, and much more:

  • Nanofiltration technology from NASA
  • easy maintenance with soap and water
  • filtrationinstantaneous (no waiting required)
  • solid food-grade plastic guaranteed BPA-free
  • filter capacity up to 400 L and easily replaceable
  • filter change warning via app
  • lightweight: 150gr for the 650ml version and 160gr for the 1000ml

ÖKO promises drinking water, everywhere, without waiting, without chemical processes and without bad taste, and for any randonneur.

How to use the ÖKO water bottle for hiking

The OKO filtering gourd lets you make water drinkable from "almost" anywhere in over 120 countries worldwide*.

To use it, nothing could be simpler:

  • open the gourd
  • refill gourd
  • close the gourd

Then all that's left to do is drink from the gourd or fill a container (saucepan, water reserve, etc) by exerting light pressure on it to activate filtering and color the water.

This is possible, regardless of the water source you use:

  • faucets
  • fountains
  • rivers
  • lacs
  • flakes

* List of countries recommended by ÖKO