Voyage : Gourde Filtrante ÖKO, une eau saine à portée de main - ÖKO EUROPE

Travel: ÖKO Filter Bottle, healthy water at your fingertips

Why filter your water when traveling?

With our Western habits and water treatment infrastructures, we sometimes forget that water is not equally "clean" for consumption everywhere in the world.

The facts and figures: 80% of
diseases contracted while traveling abroad come from contaminated water.

Whether for business or pleasure, traveling to certain countries can quickly turn into a disaster if you don't take a few precautions. Particularly in underdeveloped countries, in Africa, Asia or Latin America, where it's common to contract Tourista (traveler's diarrhea).

To prevent water from making you sick, there's only one solution: filter it.

What's the best filtering water bottle for travelers?

The ÖKO filtering water bottle is ideal for travelers, because:

  • it's lightweight (easy to pack in a bag or suitcase)
  • it's sturdy (its PP5 plastic guaranteed BPA-free is shock-proof)
  • it filters quickly (one press on it is enough for the filtered water to come out)
  • it neutralizes over 99.99% of possible nuisances (viruses, bacteria, etc)
  • it lasts a long time (its filter has an autonomy of 400 L and is simply changed)
  • it doesn't give water a bad taste (unlike its competitors)

It's the perfect compromise between size and efficiency for filtering your water when traveling.

How to use the ÖKO filter water bottle when traveling

When traveling, we don't always have access to drinking water.

Provided you're in one of the
listed countries, the ÖKO filter water bottle lets you drink water anywhere, even if sanitary conditions are questionable.

For example, in India, Vietnam or Turkey, it is possible to obtain water from a facility such as:

  • a restaurant
  • a hotel
  • a business
  • a bar/cafe
  • etc

And when that's not feasible, there's always a way to find one:

  • robinet
  • fountain
  • river
  • lake
  • flaque
  • etc

All you have to do is filter it with the ÖKO flask. It adapts easily to almost any travel environment.