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Trekking: ÖKO Filter Bottle, an indispensable companion

Why filter your water when trekking


Filtering water when trekking avoids carrying water bottles, which greatly weigh down the backpack.

But above all, it prevents dehydration, as running out of water for several days is extremely dangerous for the survival of any individual.

The trek absolutely requires the use of water filtering to:

  • have drinking water for drinking and eating (dehydrated food sachet)
  • lighten the backpack (weight is the trekker's #1 enemy)
  • avoid intestinal problems due to protozoa (diarrhea parasitic)

No water = No trek possible. And the only solution is filtering.

What's the best filtering water bottle for trekkers?

The trekkers set off for several days in the wilderness equipped with their backpacks for shelter, sleep, food, washing and changing.

They can't take along superfluous
water bottles that will clutter them up once empty, with no possibility, sometimes, of refilling them (impossible to throw away bottles in the wild).

So we need a filtering gourd that offers:

  • protection against intestinal parasites (NASA filter)
  • rapidity (no need to wait for purification)
  • easy to carry with a carabiner
  • lightness (always less weight)

The ÖKO water bottle meets constraints by being sturdy and guaranteed BPA-free.

How to use the ÖKO water bottle on a trek

A trekker can't always be concerned about the potability of the water that's going to fill his filtering gourd (and he shouldn't have to). That's why it has to adapt to all the sources it may encounter.

For example:

  • robinets
  • fountains
  • rivers
  • lacs
  • flakes
  • etc

This is also why a trekker needs the gourd to be the easiest to use, which ÖKO offers with a filtration system from NASA that's completely forgettable in use. "We fill. We drink" could be our slogan.