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Perfect water bottle and filter I m used on a daily basis and when hiking. tap water tastes like a spring with this bottle thank you

THE Base

Top Buy.
Unbeatable Price/Improvement in health ratio apart from sleep.

Very useful

This bottle is really very easy to use and above all solid. The only downside is that it would be a little more flexible and its use would be really great

The Oko water bottle, the water bottle you need!

Great investment with this water bottle which accompanies me on all my hikes. No need to carry 4 or 5 liters of water, just fill it with streams, rivers and fountains.

Awesome water bottle

Really great water bottle, I use it every day for sports and I have a second one that I use when I'm hiking and bivouacing, it saves me from having to bring several liters in the backpack like I can get supplies anywhere without any risk


Hello everyone,
My wife and I have been using our OKO ultra-filtering water bottle for barely two weeks.
We are convinced that nowadays an accessory like this is ESSENTIAL!
At a time when well-being and health are more than just in our heads, we must purify our waters.
Don't ask yourself any more questions, this ultra-filtering bottle is made for you.
When traveling, doing sports, to purify tap or mineral water and quite simply on a daily basis it will accompany you everywhere.
See you soon with us :)

Top water bottle

The oko gourd keeps all these promises in the forest, it filters the water found in sources and ponds, really great.

Oko water bottle

Format very good for me, the solidity is there after a week of testing.even the taste of the treated water is removed.no outside outings not yet tested I can't wait. My colleagues are very interested.


First offered by my son I have just received the second.


This bottle offers comfort during hikes with its filtration. I recommend it for anyone who hikes, and anyone who works in the field.
Can also be used when traveling.


Very happy, I use it at home and at work. I no longer buy plastic bottles and finally the water no longer tastes like chlorine!! 😉 I recommend. thank you 😊

Simple and effective

We came across this bottle while looking for our tour of world in backpacks in a few months and finally adopted for children's sports and every day, very easy to use for children and parents! A simple press and the water flows.
We no longer care if the water is safe to drink! We recharge everywhere.

Cleaning is simple.
Not to mention the ecological side to limit plastic and of course economical!
In short, we love it, thank you for this great discovery.

I love it

Originally, I bought it for my hikes , thinking it would be an occasional accessory. But I soon found myself using it every day, whether at work, at home or on my outdoor escapades.

It has become a bit like a traveling companion for me. I like its one liter capacity which allows me to stay hydrated all day without having to constantly think about it. And knowing that I can fill my bottle anywhere and have clean water thanks to its integrated filtration system is really reassuring.

ÖKO my new friend

Having a filtration tank at home. I needed filtered water with me every day.
My ÖKO water bottle fulfilled its daily mission.
I chose to take a one liter container.
I recommend this product.

Good water

Thanks to the ÖKO bottle, no more water in plastic bottles, long live tap water.
To check the good taste of the water, taste it lukewarm, the temperature highlights the true taste of the water, thanks to the ÖKO bottle the water is perfect. Thank you ÖKO.

Perfect for everyday use!

This bottle is perfect for everyday use regardless of the activity!
The quality is there and the purified water is a real pleasure to consume.
For those who previously drank tap water, you will find the real taste of water, coffee, tea, etc.

The only point to improve in my opinion is the increment of the fillings of the bottle, in fact the mobile app is very well done, intuitive and very easy to use, however, I think it would be interesting to make the app compatible with connected watches and thus be able to increment the fillings of the bottle with a simple press on an icon on the watch.
Where again a connected filter which itself quantifies the quantity of water which passes through it, but. At what price ?
Improving the mobile app would be a big plus for customers who do not want to buy more expensive filters.

Thank you for your consideration and for this incredible product!

My yellow water bottle

Super practical and safe innovation, just the little cap of the pacifier which doesn't stay in place much bothers me, but otherwise for everything else I love it! Plus she's so beautiful!

I finally drink more water!

Since I have my 1l water bottle. I drink a lot more water. Before I only drank tea and herbal teas but now that I find the taste of water better, I consume a lot more.

I use it for everything: top !

It's been less than a month since I acquired my bottle (500ml) but already I'm very happy with it. It seems robust to me and also very practical with the integrated hanging system. I use it whenever I have to use water in a place where I am not sure of the water: washing my teeth, for my infusions, tea, coffee and of course to consume water. Plus I know what quantity I drink each day. I'm thinking of buying two more 1 L ones just to make it easier when traveling and at work. I recommend!!!


I love practical and efficient.
I plan to give some to my family and friends

Excellent water bottle

Acquired the 1L black tactical very recently and it has changed my daily life as well as my sessions!! Bottle of excellent quality, the filtration system is very efficient, no need to worry about refilling with water. This particularly impacted my sports sessions where I very quickly ran out of water with the water bottle oko problem solved!! Thank you very much and of course I highly recommend
It changed my daily life


The bottle is of very good quality, I recommend it in tactical black for the color, it is very beautiful,
The filter works well and the Oko Counter application is easy to use
Washes well in the dishwasher (do not put the filter)

650ml water bottle

A very effective water bottle that I have been looking for for months to use in nature. The taste of tap water is breathtaking. I'm on my 2nd bottle, I recommend it to my friends and family who have also placed an order. Very practical, you fill the bottle, you don't wait and you drink!!!
I'm so happy to have my empty water bottle in my hiking backpack which reduces the weight.
Thanks to ÖKO, no more plastic bottles polluting the planet, everyone should equip themselves with this bottle.

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Depuis son lancement fin 2018 en Europe, elle remplace la célèbre carafe filtrante à côté de l'évier dans nos chaumières ! Mobile, plus efficace et plus hygiénique !

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